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Susan Barton System

Susan Barton System

About Susan Barton

Susan Barton is an internationally recognized expert in the field of dyslexia and ADD/ADHD and is a popular speaker at conferences throughout North America.  Ms. Barton has been inducted into the International Dyslexia Association’s Hall of Honor. 

Susan Barton is trained in 7 different Orton-Gillingham based reading systems.  However, her passion for having a better system that is easier to teach and to learn led her to found the Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System (which combined the very best from other Orton-Gillingham systems only simplified and organized the material for ease and effectiveness). 

Additionally, the Susan Barton System includes new procedures that incorporate the latest research on phonemic awareness and fluency.  Ms. Barton created many techniques to teach spelling rules and patterns so a student’s spelling improves, as much as, their reading.

The Susan Barton System

The Susan Barton method works!  The Orton-Gillingham based Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System has all the essential components required by the No Child Left Behind Act and meets the National Institute of Health description of best practices for students with dyslexia.

The Susan Barton System is a multi-sensory approach to learning skills of reading and spelling.  The components of this method include systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, decoding (reading by sounding out), reading fluency, spelling and spelling rules.

The Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System consists of ten levels.  Each level is a prerequisite for the next level.  Typically, students begin with Level 1 (the Susan Barton System levels are not equivalent to grade levels).     

            Level 1 – phonemic awareness

            Level 2 – consonants and short vowels

            Level 3 – closed and unit syllables

            Level 4 – multi-syllable words and vowel teams

            Level 5 – prefixes and suffixes

            Level 6 – different jobs for the vowel E

            Level 7 – vowel + R’s

            Level 8 – advanced vowel teams

            Level 9 – influences of foreign languages

            Level 10 – Latin roots and Greek combining format

There is no “cure” for dyslexia.  Students with dyslexia can significantly improve their reading and spelling skills if they are taught differently (using an Orton-Gillingham based system) than is done in most public schools.  Reading Solutions tutors  students in reading reading and spelling by building skills that make sense to them – logical ways that require very little memorization.  With this training, students can succeed in school and use the skill of reading as the gateway to all learning.

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